Outdoor: Flow & Restore

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

This class hosted by We Do Yoga in their beautiful outdoor space is open to all and offers a toned-down approach to the dynamic Vinyasa Flow style. The class will still consist of the elements of a Vinyasa Flow class with fluid movement between postures linked to breath, but will have more time spent on restoring the mind and body with calming balance and flexibility asanas.

Book via the link below or the MindBody app.


Slow Burn & Restore (online and in the studio)

Tuesday 8-9:15pm

This class hosted by We Do Yoga is a mix of long holds in strong postures and an extended, relaxing cool down. Want to feel the burn but also enjoy a peaceful, well-deserved savasana? This class is for you!


We will flow together, focusing on alignment throughout, working up to a peak posture. Then the class will slow down with a restorative section to soak up all the benefits of our practice.

Book via the link below or the MindBody app.

Yoga Mat and Straps

Private Classes Available  

Ever been in a group class and not felt seen by your teacher? They’re giving alignment cues that don’t apply to your form, or they’re not noticing that you’re struggling in a pose? Maybe they’re pushing you too hard, or you don’t feel challenged enough? A private class could be what you need. Click the button below to drop me an email as I’d love to discuss this with you!