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Welcome to Calm, Confident Mamas and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Calm, Confident Mamas host 6-week online prenatal yoga courses, where we offer so much more than just physical yoga classes!

We provide you with opportunities to connect with your baby, reframe your ideas of birth and ultimately create the birth experience YOU want.

Scroll down to find out when our next 6 week course begins more about what's on offer.

We also have some digital resources available to purchase on our online store.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

If there are no upcoming courses please register your interest by dropping me a message

What's included in the 6 week online course?

6 live prenatal yoga classes

Gentle, pregnancy safe yoga classes to support you and baby, Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm. These classes are suitable for absolute beginners and regular practitioners alike.

You'll learn breathing techniques to calm you during labour and postures to support your growing bump.

We will start every week with time for a cuppa and a catch-up. Spaces on the course are very limited so we can form a close, supportive group where we all feel comfortable.

The Positive Birth Book

A copy of the Positive Birth Book by the incredible Milli Hill will be delivered to your door! 

This book is a MUST read for those seeking a positive birth experience. It challenges negativity and fear of childbirth, and is packed with vital and cutting-edge information on labour, birth and early parenthood.

Introduction to hypnobirthing

Questions about what to expect from birth and beyond? Our wonderful guest Erin (@betterbirthuk) will be here to answer them for you.

We'll have a whole hour with a Erin on Zoom, so grab a cuppa and settle in!

No question is a silly question! You can either ask your questions live or email them to me beforehand to be asked anonymously.

positive Pregnancy & birth affirmations recordings

Uplifting affirmations set to gentle music. One recording relating to pregnancy and one specifically for labour and birth.


Affirmations work on a subconscious level, so listening to this track regularly during pregnancy will transform the way your brain responds to birth.

Listening during labour will help you to ride those waves calmly.

Birth preference sheet builder

Unsure how to create an effective, simple birth preference sheet that your care provider can easily understand? This birth preference sheet builder is the answer! 

With pictorial symbols covering everything from pain relief to cord clamping, it's also a great tool to make sure you've considered all of your options ahead of time.

Relaxing Yoga nidra recording

Yoga Nidra is the 'yoga of sleep'. This peaceful 30 minute guided meditation will allow you to drift into a sleep-like state, totally relaxing the mind and body.

Remember - when you relax, baby relaxes with you!

If you've been struggling to sleep well during your pregnancy, try listening to this just before bed.

whatsapp group

You will have the option to be added to a private Whatsapp group with other members of your course. 

This group can be used however the members would like it to be. A place to share, meet other mamas and even share your positive birth stories when they've happened!

(This is totally optional and not a requirement of attending the course).

Birth Affirmation Illustrations

Beautiful, printable birth affirmation illustrations.


These can be used as your phone screensaver, PC background or even printed off and displayed around your house and in your birth space during labour.


Meet Carly

Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Positive Birth Advocate 

Hey Mamas, my name is Carly. I will be leading the prenatal yoga sessions and generally acting as your guide through the Calm Confident Mamas course. 

Yoga has been part of my life for a long time but only last year did I realise that Prenatal Yoga was where I am meant to be. I am passionate about helping Mamas-to-be to relax, connect to their body, spend time with their baby and prepare for a positive birth. 

Nerves and fear of birth are sadly now the norm due to the way society portrays and views this incredible, physiological, life-changing event. But you deserve access to the tools to unlearn the fear, demystify birth and create a positive entrance to the world for your baby.


Not ready for the full course but like the sound of the digital resources that are included?

Refer a Friend 

If you have already purchased the course and you refer a friend you will receive a special Mama Support Box as a thank you! 

The box contains tea from @hotteamama, an aromatherapy blend to aid sleep and some yummy treats.

Just make sure your friend enters your email address at checkout when booking their course.

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